Welcoming International Guests & Embracing New Beginnings!!

Hello everyone,
I’m Yuri from Sakura-an👩🏻🌸!

Finally, the warm days are increasing, and it’s starting to feel like spring, isn’t it?
As someone who feels the cold easily, I can’t wait for the season ahead.

Even with changing weather, Asakusa is bustling every day with lots of tourists.
Among them, there’s a significant number of international travelers!

It’s wonderful that Sakura-an is visited by many overseas guests, and there are even days when our schedule is filled with reservations from international visitors.

↓ Here’s a lovely foreign couple who visited us yesterday! ^ ^

Last time, I had the pleasure of hearing stories from overseas guests living abroad.

It made me feel the differences between Japanese and foreign cultures and cuisines more vividly.
Every day since I started working at Sakura-an has been refreshing.

Before, I had no chance to interact with people from overseas at all.
Perhaps that’s why recently, I’ve been dreaming more frequently about meeting foreigners.
I want them to enjoy Japan even more!
I’m determined to study English more and more every day.

April marks the beginning of new lives, with people moving houses or experiencing changes in their workplace environments.

It’s also a time when stress and physical fatigue tend to accumulate.

At such times, please come to Sakura-An to heal your daily fatigue.
We also warmly welcome those who want to enjoy conversations while receiving treatments. ^ ^

I hope today will be a wonderful day for everyone!


Warm Regards,

Japanese Modern Aroma Massage Parlor
Sakura-an Asakusa Tokyo