Owner & Therapist

Hello, I'm Mari. I have been operating a private salon for about 6 and a half years. With expertise in various techniques such as Balinese, Shiatsu, Thai, and Esalen, complemented by the richness of rice bran oil, I offer the ultimate healing experience. I look forward to the day I can welcome each of you.

Specialized Techniques

Delicate yet dynamic full-force treatments! Using distinctive long strokes and dynamic hand techniques that resonate deep into the muscles, I precisely approach physical concerns while providing a leisurely release for your fatigue.

Hobbies & Current Interests

Hot spring, traveling, aromatherapy, DIY, cycling, music, video editing


Healing Therapist Embracing Authenticity

Nice to meet you, I'm Chiyo. Through oil treatments, I aim to provide tranquility and confidence for your heart. Please commend yourself boldly, take a deep breath, and relax on the table. Leave the rest to me. I continually strive to advance each day to send off everyone with newfound confidence after the treatment. Looking forward to your visit.

Specialized Techniques & Design

Balancing treatments utilizing the suppleness of the body. Gently enveloping everyone in a soothing aura with a slow and rhythmical pace. *Hobbies & Current Interests* Sunbathing, walking, incorporating warmth into daily life, enjoying a light and fun life while contemplating ways to feel the essence of Japan.

Hobbies & Current Interests

Sunbathing, walking, incorporating warmth into daily life, enjoying a light and fun life while contemplating ways to feel the essence of Japan.


Treat each person with care and compassion.

Nice to meet you, my name is Yuri. I have worked in relaxation salons, Thai style salons, and slimming salons, and I would like to provide attentive services while further improving my experience. I am looking forward to meeting you.

Specialized Techniques & Design

I specialize in treatments around the neck and shoulders, as well as techniques using the arms and elbows.

Hobbies & Current Interests

Playing with my dog, manga, anime (especially Shonen Jump), sweets, aromatherapy


Passionate Therapist Enriched by Japanese Culture♪

Though I have lived in Japan for a long time, a chance to experience a massage revealed the profound healing power and the meaning of hospitality in Japanese culture. I am determined to provide customers with a feeling similar to this. I will treat you with all my heart to ensure your satisfaction.

Specialized Techniques & Design

[Comment from the Owner] Already skilled from working in a major relaxation salon, Paulina has incredibly soft and delightful hands. She listens attentively to customers and releases tension with certainty.

Hobbies & Current Interests

Playing with dogs, going to live events, Netflix, music, reading, and enjoying cafe outings.


Highly Skilled! Capable and Warm-hearted Therapist♪

A warm personality, dedicated to learning, and an experienced professional therapist. Observing clients' bodies closely, I provide the best possible time for you with precise approaches.

Specialized Techniques & Design

Swedish and other oil treatments.


Vibrant Therapist from Ghana

Nice to meet you, I'm Michelle. Born and raised in Japan, I bring the energy of Ghana to my massages. I hope my massages can bring healing to many customers. [Comment from the Owner] Michelle is energetic and has a very warm personality. Meeting her once is sure to blow away daily fatigue and worries! (Limited to female customers)

Specialized Techniques & Design

Skilled in oil massages, especially calf and foot reflexology treatments. [Comment from the Owner] Always warm hands and comfortable treatments utilizing her natural athletic ability. She also has experience with individual house call treatments.

Hobbies & Current Interests

Cooking, video editing, massages, facials, photography, driving, and shopping.