【Traditional Japanese Food🍴】Asakusa Unatetsu’s Exquisite Hitsumabushi🤤

Hello everyone,

I’m Mari from Sakura-An 👩🏻🌸!

Are you all enjoying your trip to Japan!?

Today, I’d like to introduce you to some recommended Japanese cuisine in Asakusa, to make your trip ✈️ even more enjoyable😆✨

So, what kind of food am I talking about?

It’s… unagi (eel)!!!


Have you ever tried it?

Eel is rich in nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals, which support the body’s functions and have health benefits like fatigue recovery and immune system enhancement. It’s incredibly delicious! ✨

Recently, I had an amazing Hitsumabushi (grilled eel over rice) at 【浅草うな鐵Asakusa Unatetsu】 an eel restaurant in Asakusa 😁♩

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The atmosphere inside was calm and cozy, with a warm feeling of wood. It had a traditional Japanese vibe, making it welcoming for foreign travelers 😆✨

Hitsumabushi is a traditional Japanese dish where grilled eel is served over rice in a bowl. Eating grilled eel and rice together allows the aroma and flavor of the eel to blend into the rice, creating an exquisite taste experience ✨


As for the proper way to eat it,the first serving is enjoyed as is, the second serving with condiments, and the third serving as ochazuke (rice with tea or broth).

Of course, you can enjoy it however you like!😊It filled both my stomach and heart with happiness✨

And they also offer various skewers using different parts of the eel.

Although I was full from the hitsumabushi to try them, I’d love to give them a try next time! 😁

Located conveniently near Asakusa’s tourist spots, it’s a perfect place to stop by during your sightseeing🚶

Please do try Japan’s traditional flavors and enjoy your time to the fullest 🤤😍🍴


By the way, at Sakura-An, we have a unique aroma of Japanese sansho pepper infused in our eel, so be sure to give it a try!😍✨


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