Building Warm Connections: My Aromatherapy Experience😊✨

Hello everyone,
It’s Mari from Sakura-An👩🏻🌸!

This week, after a long time, I received an aromatherapy treatment✨

I felt all the tension leaving my body and ended up feeling all soft and floppy afterward😊

It’s true, when I feel fulfilled myself, I naturally want to share that happiness with everyone.


My favorite therapist? Well, let me tell you why.
Firstly, it’s because she treats me without any ulterior motives!

I can tell she doesn’t change her attitude towards me no matter what position I’m in and she envelops me with pure affection, clear as day.I also love the sensation of her hands and the atmosphere she creates.
Ultimately, I think it all comes down to “chemistry,” don’t you?☺️

At other salons, while the techniques may be excellent, I sometimes feel like something is being sucked out of me, or I’m not completely satisfied😭

Maybe it’s because I’m sensitive to underlying emotions?
Of course, in any industry, we must be conscious of keeping the business afloat, considering sales and management is a given.
It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, sometimes we have to be tough.But, I never want to forget what’s truly important. Through my own analysis over the years, I’ve come to a clear realization

I want to create a kinder world! 😆😆!!✨✨

I aim to provide treatments without judging people based on their status, fame, race, or gender, and to work towards a world where everyone is respected.

In the midst of society’s ever-changing landscape, I want to build warm connections with all of you.From these sentiments, Sakura-An was born.

Our therapists are handpicked to fit this worldview, and they’re truly unique individuals you won’t find elsewhere.
Please come and visit us😆
We’re still a fledgling salon, but we’ll continue to work hard to bring you plenty of relaxation and healing.

Well then, have a wonderful day everyone!👩🏻🌸


Tokyo Best Massage Salon
Sakura-an Asakusa