〜Our Exclusive Head Massage〜

Hello, I’m Mari from Sakura-an


Today, I’d like to introduce our Dry Head Spa at our shop.


Our head spa goes beyond a simple head massage. First and foremost, we value the environment in which the treatment takes place.

From lighting and room temperature to choosing your favorite scent from our high-quality selection of 5 Japanese essential oils, we create an aromatic atmosphere.


Then, with the careful application of hot towels and hot pads on areas like the eyes and abdomen, we begin the detailed head massage.

Using finger pads and the entire finger, we work on the head muscles (frontal, occipital, temporal, etc.) in a flowing manner.

Capturing acupressure points with a pleasant touch, we slowly release tension.

We address the neck, shoulders, and ears, and after the treatment, you can relax with fragrant tea.

Warming both the body and soul, you’ll be enveloped in a serene mood.

Recommended for those constantly stressed or unable to shake off fatigue and tension.

For those with limited time, we offer a 30-minute Dry Head Spa course, and it can also be incorporated into a full-body aromatherapy treatment ^ ^

Feel free to consult with us ^ ^



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