Bonsai Delight at Sakura-An Asakusa🪴

Hello, I’m Mari from Sakura-an Tokyo🌸


Recently,we’ve brought a tranquil touch to Sakura-An Asakusa with charming bonsai trees. 🌿✨


Bonsai, an art form from Japan, captures nature’s essence in a small space.

Come join us at Sakura-An to feel the soothing energy of these mini masterpieces.


Discover the art and meaning behind each bonsai, enhancing our salon’s peaceful vibe. They symbolize our dedication to providing a complete retreat for our guests.

Relax with us at Sakura-An and soak in the beauty of bonsai, a living harmony of nature and tranquility. 🌸🌳

Wishing it becomes a wonderful memory of your time in Japan🥰✨



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Sakura-an Tokyo Asakusa