Sakura-an Chronicles🌸Where Individuality Meets Healing Touch🤲

Hello, I’m Mari from Sakura-an👩🏻


Our therapists are a diverse bunch, not following the typical rules of big salons no set hair colors, makeup styles, or standardized treatments. We focus on more than just technical skills



it’s about understanding customers’ emotions and offering personalized services based on shared values.

This approach leads to natural growth in both skills and services. The key is a positive learning attitude—learning not for self-satisfaction but to make our customers happy.



At Sakura-an, we cherish each other, respecting differences and always radiating positive energy. The salon is ever-evolving. Come and experience the soothing touch of Sakura-an’s therapists!



May it become one of your wonderful memories in Japan. 🌸

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Japanese Modern Aroma Massage
Sakura-an Asakusa Tokyo