Unveiling Sakura-an’s Artistic Wallpaper🌸

Hello everyone,

I’m Mari from Sakura-an👩🏻🌸!

Today, I’d like to talk about the artistic wallpaper adorning the entrance of Sakura-an🌸

This wallpaper is from a popular series inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s “Branches of an Almond Tree in Blossom.” 🎨

It’s said that van Gogh chose almond tree branches as a symbol of new life when his brother Theo and his wife welcomed their first child, and he sent it along with a letter💌

The wallpaper showcases distinct outlines and the arrangement of trees reminiscent of Japanese ukiyo-e prints. 🌿

You might be surprised and think,

“Huh! Isn’t it a cherry blossom wallpaper?” 😲

But this slightly chubby, van Gogh-esque wallpaper adds to the ambiance of Sakura-an, making it even more charming. 😊 (I personally love it (*´∇`*)


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