The Inspiration Behind Opening a Japanese-style Massage Parlor🌟

Hello everyone,

I’m Mari from Sakura-an👩🏻🌸!

I often get asked by customers, “Why did you choose a  Japanese-style salon?”

Today, I’d like to share the reason behind it with you.

Since I was young, my mother has been a tea ceremony teacher, and my grandfather was a ceramic artist. I grew up in a home surrounded by a blend of traditional Japanese and modern atmosphere🌟

As a child, my mother used to create a point card-like system where I would earn stamps for participating in tea ceremony lessons and helping with garden chores. Once enough points were accumulated, she would reward me with book vouchers, which I eagerly spent on Sailor Moon merchandise😍

I took the lead in participating in tea ceremony practices among the adult students. Tea ceremony lessons were like indulging in delicate Japanese sweets resembling jewels and savoring matcha from beautiful tea bowls – an experience that brought a sense of calm and tranquility😊

Growing up in a region where tea ceremony was prevalent, with tea rooms in schools and parks, it became a part of my daily life. The serene ambiance of Japanese culture always provided a sense of comfort for me.

Bringing this serene atmosphere to Sakura-an, we harmonized traditional elements like wood, shoji screens, and tatami mats with modern design. Our gentle lighting further enhances the relaxed ambiance✨

We’ve also crafted our aftercare experience to be a delightful part of your visit, ensuring everyone can unwind and enjoy themselves.

But above all, we strive to provide each of you with the best experience possible through smiles and attentive care.

At Sakura An, infused with the spirit of the tea ceremony, we hope to offer you a peaceful moment of relaxation.

Wishing you all a wonderful day as always🥰✨

Japanese Modern Aroma Massage
Sakura-an Asakusa Tokyo