Prioritizing is a key to success!

Hello everyone, I’m Mari from Sakura-an.👩🏻🌸

Working with therapists at Sakura-an, I’ve noticed that each person has different priorities in their work. Whether it’s cleaning or any other task, our unique perspectives make the process interesting. Although everyone ensures a comfortable environment, our focus points vary😃

This diversity creates a sense of complementing each other within the team.
It feels like suddenly starting to live with a boyfriend🤣

I always prioritize tasks in limited time, focusing on what’s essential and timely.
Perfection isn’t necessary (or achievable), but not missing out on important things and timings is crucial.

I apply this approach to learning, work, and building relationships. Managing things efficiently in a limited time is a little trick for success.
This keeps my mind clear, and I sleep well every night💤
Fully concentrated on providing the best massage experience for our clients!

Wishing everyone a fantastic day at Sakura-an – Modern Japanese Aroma Massage👩🏻!



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