Exploring Delicious Eateries Near the Salon 😊🍽️

Hello everyone,

I’m Mari from Sakura-an.

Lately, I’ve been thrilled to receive messages not only from our clients but also from fellow therapists saying, ‘I’ve been checking out your blog! 😊’ It truly warms my heart.

Now, let me share some exciting finds – local eateries near the salon that have piqued my interest.

①MISOJYU  Asakusa
With miso as the star, this place offers a variety of hearty miso soups, from classic miso to innovative collaborations with international soup dishes. As someone health-conscious, I’m eager to visit this spot. 😊


②Asakusa Mont Blanc
Despite the name, it’s not a café but a surprise hamburger joint! Located just around the corner from Sakura An, the long queue always catches my eye. If anyone knows more about it, please share your thoughts. 😊



③Belgium Fries Specialty Shop – Fritz Bruges
Using carefully selected fresh potatoes from all over Japan, this Belgian fries specialty shop prepares them using the authentic Belgian method. The freshly fried hot potatoes look incredibly tempting.


Asakusa is a delightful neighborhood – stroll through Nakamise Street, make a wish at Senso-ji Temple, and savor delicious meals. It’s always a lively and enjoyable town. (#^.^#)

When you visit Sakura An, I hope you experience fulfilling moments for your mind, body, and stomach! Thank you for joining me on today’s blog.

Wishing each of you a wonderful day! 😊


Sakura-an  Asakusa Tokyo

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