Exploring Asakusa: Must-Visit Spots!

Hey there!
I’m Mari from Sakura-an🌸😆

If you’re in Asakusa,
here are some awesome spots to check out✨

①Senso-ji Temple
A historic Buddhist temple at the heart of Asakusa. Don’t miss the iconic Thunder Gate!



② Nakamise Shopping Street
Wander through this lively street for traditional snacks, souvenirs, and a vibrant atmosphere.

③ Tokyo Skytree
Head to the observation deck for breathtaking views of Tokyo. It’s especially beautiful at sunset!


④Sumida Aquarium
Located in Tokyo Skytree Town, this aquarium offers a unique underwater experience.

⑤ Asakusa Culture and Tourist Information Center
Enjoy panoramic views of the area from the observation deck.(It’s free!!!!😆)



Stay tuned for more cultural adventures and relaxation tips. Thanks for joining me on this January  journey! ✨


Sakura-an Asakusa, Tokyo

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