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Hello, I’m Mari from Sakura-an👩🏻


Today, let’s talk about what makes Sakura-an different from other salons! The uniqueness lies in the blend of cleanliness, a homely atmosphere, and the essence of Japanese hospitality.

【Cleanliness and Japanese Essence✨】

Sakura-An is a salon that radiates cleanliness and embraces the traditional aesthetics of Japan. The treatments here not only seek beauty but also allow you to feel the depth and delicacy of Japanese culture.



【Homely, Not Business-like👩🏻】

Distinguishing itself from hotel spas, Sakura-An offers a homely atmosphere rather than a strictly business-like one. Beyond providing treatments, we willingly share advice to make your stay or travel in Japan more comfortable.



【Personalized Communication😄】

At Sakura-An, we prioritize communication with our clients. Understanding each individual’s needs, we provide a personalized approach to healing your body and mind. The experience here goes beyond a typical salon visit.


【Connecting Japanese Beauty and Relaxation🤲】

Sakura-an is a place where Japanese aesthetics and relaxation come together. We hope that by experiencing this unique atmosphere, visitors can touch the heart of Japan and find rejuvenation.



For those seeking the beauty and depth of Japanese culture, a visit to Sakura-An is a must. It promises an experience distinct from other salons. So, feel the wonderful healing of Japan at Sakura-An and refresh your body and soul.
Enjoy the tranquility✨!


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