The True Purpose of Therapy: What Is Real Happiness?☺️

Hello everyone,
This is Mari from Sakura-an ^ ^

Recently, I wrote that the purpose of my therapy is to enhance the body’s natural healing power. But the true purpose goes beyond that! Through therapy, my real wish is for everyone to become happy! 🥰

When do you feel happy?

– When you eat delicious food
– When you spend time with family, loved ones, or friends
– When you immerse yourself in a hobby

Happiness varies for each person. For me, I feel happiest when I am deeply involved in my work as a therapist ☺️


Why? Because when you’re interested in something, you absorb it quickly like a fish in water. There’s always a new challenge and something to learn, allowing you to continuously improve yourself. (I had a training session yesterday💪)

I’ve been in this job for over ten years, and I never get tired of it! But to be honest, opening the second branch of Sakura-an has been the most challenging time in my life.

As I’m still inexperienced, I face successes and failures every day, but I feel I’m making steady progress💪

When you have something you love or a goal, you can endure failures and difficulties as part of growth and even enjoy them. While it’s not necessary to turn your passion into your job, having something to be passionate about in your free time is wonderful.

Through my work, I want to keep leveling up myself and help everyone I interact with move forward positively in their lives. If you don’t have personal time, it’s hard to enjoy meals or time with loved ones fully. It’s tough to find what you love when you’re just trying to get by.

I hope to assist those who feel this way. Through aromatherapy treatments, I will do my best to help you feel a bit more happiness in your daily life😆

And I wish to spread this chain of happiness from Asakusa to the whole world 🥰✨


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