Popular Miso Soup Specialty Shop: MISOJYU🍲 in Asakusa😆

I’m Mari from Sakura-an👩🏻🌸!

The other day, I visited “MISOJYU🍲,” a local restaurant I’ve been curious about for a while😆!

But guess what! It’s recently become popular on TV and among customers as a “specialty miso soup shop”🍲!

They serve miso soup mainly made with organic vegetables and a carefully selected dashi broth from bonito flakes and kombu, with lots of ingredients to make it satisfying.

In my mind, I was like, “Can you really get full on miso soup!?” 😂But as a therapist who cares about health, I knew I had to check it out!

I managed to stop by on a day before heading to the salon for work😊
The set I ordered was the
“Hearty Vegetable and Braised Pork Miso Soup Set” for ¥1,680.

What surprised me first was the size of the vegetables and braised pork in the soup!
They practically melted in my mouth!

And the miso soup itself was rich and flavorful, with a gentle taste that warmed me up on a cold day. Even the rice used in the onigiri was organic original blend rice.

Since it was a very cold day, warming up before work left me feeling happy and contented (and my stomach full, haha🤣).

As a therapist, I always make sure to warm up my body before providing the best relaxation experience to my clients. Preparation is key to improving the quality of the treatment!

And seeing everyone’s relaxed faces after the session fills me with joy.

I’ll continue to work hard to bring happiness to everyone through my beloved aroma treatments🥰✨

Have a great day today!


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Sakura-an Asakusa