A Touching Experience with the Paris Opera Ballet🩰

Hello everyone,
I’m Chiyo from Sakura-an👩🏻🌸!

The other day, on February 8th, there was a performance by the “Paris Opera Ballet” at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan near Ueno Station, and I went to see “Swan Lake” (⑉˙ᗜ˙⑉)♩

It seems like a chance that only comes once every few years, so I struggled in the ticket battle last November 😆I was a bit late, so I ended up in the third-row seats…

But somehow, I managed to snag seats in the middle group, so I was satisfied… ♩
With the help of opera glasses, I could see the expressions clearly even from the third floor… (´•᎑•`)♡

By the way, about my impression of the performance… ♩From everyone on stage, I felt the pride of being ballet dancers (*Ꙩꙻ₀Ꙩꙻ)!

There were no supporting roles on that stage,
Whether soloists or dancers within the ensemble,Everyone fulfilled their roles with pride… ☆☆

They danced in perfect synchronization,
Creating a magnificent performance together… (*Ꙩꙻ₀Ꙩꙻ)!

It was obvious that everyone possessed remarkable technical skills, and I felt their pride in executing the ballet flawlessly,

Each one radiated the aura of a lead performer… (,,ºΔº,,*)

There were no supporting roles…
I usually only watch Japanese ballet companies,
And my usual impression is,The performers who dance the lead or main roles stand out with overwhelming technical prowess and dance beautifully.

But this time, watching the Paris Opera Ballet’s performance, I was incredibly overwhelmed by the high level of everyone’s skills… (――(⊙ω⊙)――!)

It was truly amazing… 😂
By the way…
Ballet, born in the distant past in Italy as dances for noble balls,

Transitioned to France and evolved into “ballet repertoire,”
Then further developed in Russia and spread worldwide… (*´꒳`*)ノ⁾⁾♡

The Paris Opera Ballet, from France, is said to be the “oldest ballet company in the world”…
Watching the performance, I felt that the Paris Opera Ballet has a great mission,

To preserve and pass on the traditional form of ballet that has been cherished since ancient times,
So, perhaps because of this significant mission,

The members of the company are craftsmen dedicated to preserving the national traditional art for future generations,

That’s why everyone performs on stage with such pride, making it a wonderful ballet company…☆
At that moment, it was truly an amazing experience… ( * ´^` )

Encountering such a space filled me with gratitude and excitement… ♩
If you ever come across a chance to get closer to something you normally wouldn’t touch,

Please reach out with all your might and seize that opportunity… ☆☆

Surely, there will be connections that will enrich your perspective even more… ♡

How about trying something like an oil massage that you don’t usually go for…?

Just a thought〜〜〜(*ノ>ᴗ<)

As for whether I’ll have the chance to meet everyone as a therapist at Sakura An, I’ll leave it up to fate…☆,

Thinking about traditional arts, I remembered that Japan has its own too,

Inspired by watching the traditional ballet company from France‧˚₊*̥⸜(* ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝‧˚₊*̥

I’ll talk about that next time… ♩

I’ll just go on rambling as I please… laughs

Thank you for reading this far*.(๓´͈ ˘ `͈๓).*


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