Wishes for the Stars: Celebrating Tanabata at Sakura-an⭐️🎋

I’m Mari from Sakura-an👩🏻🌸!

Tanabata, is known as the Star Festival, is just around the corner😆

This traditional Japanese celebration takes place on the 7th of July and is based on a romantic legend about the meeting of two stars, Vega (Orihime) and Altair (Hikoboshi)⭐️

According to the legend, these stars are separated by the Milky Way and are allowed to meet only once a year on this night.

To celebrate Tanabata, people write their wishes on colorful strips of paper called tanzaku and hang them on bamboo branches, along with other decorations.✨🥰

The bamboo branches are often placed in gardens or outside homes, creating a festive and vibrant atmosphere.

Recently, a kind person gifted us some bamboo, and we all wrote our wishes on tanzaku and hung them on the bamboo branches. Our shop now looks a little more festive and vibrant♥︎

Here are the wishes I wrote:

1. World peace✨
2. For everyone’s wishes to come true
3. And one private wish☆

I started my own business relatively early in my career. Through many failures and successes, I gradually learned what truly brings me happiness. For me, it’s the ability to build long-lasting and warm relationships and run a salon that provides genuine comfort and relaxation to our clients😊🙏

As you gaze at the twinkling stars in the night sky, what kind of wishes will you make?

We at Sakura-an will continue to offer heartfelt services throughout July, ensuring you can relax deeply.

Wishing you all a serene and joyful Tanabata, filled with hope and inspiration.

Warm regards,
Asakusa Best Massage Salon
Mari from Sakura-an Tokyo