Explore Radiant Skin Bliss and Luxurious Aging Care at Sakura An!

This is Mari from Sakura An🌸


Today, I’d like to explain our two Japanese aroma treatment courses.



【Radiant Skin Bliss】
[①SAKURA Aroma Lymph Treatment]
(Innovative Aroma × Rice Bran Oil)


We use rice bran oil known for its natural beauty secrets and rejuvenating effects. Rich in oleic acid, linoleic acid, plant sterols, and vitamin E, this oil provides excellent nutrition and moisturizing power for soft, radiant skin. Experience the luxury of rice bran oil and soothing massages, leaving your skin hydrated.


And secondly,

【Luxurious Aging Care!】
[②SAKURA SUITE Aroma Lymph Treatment]
(Innovative Oil × Kanazawa Gold Leaf Oil)

The Kanazawa gold leaf used in this course incorporates fine gold flakes, creating a gorgeous sensation as if gold is shimmering on your skin. Originating from my hometown, Kanazawa, this gold leaf not only adds an elegant glow to the skin’s surface but also promotes blood circulation and supports lifting with its fine massage effect. Outstanding anti-aging benefits!


We’ve prepared these two courses that distinctly reflect the Asakusa spirit and Japanese essence.

Which course would you choose to enjoy a blissful escape from daily fatigue and stress?

Thank you for joining me on my blog today. Wishing everyone a wonderful day! 🌸


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