World class Japanese massage👩🏻

Hello there!

I’m Mari, the owner and massage therapist at our cozy Aroma Massage salon in Asakusa.

Let me share a bit about myself and the wonderful experiences that await you at our oasis😊

【Blending Cultures for Your Relaxation】
As the daughter of a tea ceremony teacher🍵, I’ve had the pleasure of offering massages to people from 50 different countries.✈️

Our massage style combines Eastern and Western techniques, creating a unique blend to suit various preferences.


【Global Recognition at the World Massage Championship】

In 2023, at the World Massage Championship in Denmark, I proudly earned the highest score among Japanese participants. This recognition fuels my dedication to providing exceptional experiences.

【Connecting Through YouTube】
Beyond our studio, I run a YouTube channel where I share insights into massage, relaxation tips.
With almost 30,000 subscribers, our global community is thriving.

【Inviting You to Experience Japan’s Essence】
Immerse yourself in Japan’s signature scents with our essential oils and experience the expertise of a professional Japanese massage. Our tranquil oasis awaits your rejuvenation.


Whether you’re a local or a global traveler,
Looking forward to welcoming you soon!


Sakura-an tokyo