Exploring Short-Course Massages: Including Foot and Head Options🦶👩‍🦰

Hello, I’m Mari from Sakura-an👩🏻🌸!

Today, I’d like to introduce our short-course massage😆!

We offer a 30-minute course for those who want to refresh their mind and body even in a short time.

🦶Foot Massge 30min  ¥5,000

🦶Foot Massge 60min  ¥10,000

👩‍🦰Head Massage 30min  ¥5,000

👩‍🦰Head Massage 60min  ¥10,000

In this course, you can focus on specific areas of your body, such as tired feet🦶, neck, and shoulders, and relieve the tension. Our traditional Japanese massage techniques will provide deep relaxation for your mind and body✨

For those who have more time to spare, we also have a 60-minute course where you can choose from various aromas, including foot baths with Japanese ingredients like yuzu and hinoki.

Enjoy the soothing aroma while rejuvenating your tired body and mind☺️Experience the essence of Japan in our relaxing atmosphere.

Of course, for those who have more time to spare, we also offer a luxurious full-body treatment. You can indulge in our full-body treatment for up to 150 minutes🥰✨

Immerse yourself in complete relaxation and pampering, allowing our skilled therapists to rejuvenate every part of your body.

Our staff speaks English, so international guests can feel comfortable and relaxed during their visit. Walk-ins are welcome, but if you want to secure your spot or have a specific time in mind, feel free to make a reservation.

You can book your appointment by phone or online💻!

We look forward to welcoming you to Sakura-An Asakusa😆💕

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Sakura-an Asakusa